Lynn's Personal NDT Story

 'New Decision Therapy Changed My Life!'

"Forgiveness will remove all sense of weakness, strain, and fatigue
 from your mind.  It will take away all fear and guilt and pain."

"Forgiveness is the means by which illusions disappear."

"Condemn and you are made a prisoner. Forgive and you are free!"
from A Course in Miracles

Twenty-five years ago I was introduced to a remarkable forgiveness process
that changed my life. 

This process, called New Decision TherapyTM, got me out of a severely
depressed, unhappy, and physically unhealthy state that I had been
stuck in for a long, long time.

What’s remarkable is how quickly the changes took place, and that other
ways of forgiving did not give me such significant results. Within 5 private
sessions with a Certified NDTTM Practitioner, I felt like a new person - light,
happy, free, & full of smiles!

And that was just the beginning of discovering greater depths
of health 
and happiness than I could have fathomed before
my introduction to 
New Decision Therapy. 
In my NDTTM sessions I learned that my happiness and physical health
had been severely compromised due to unexpressed emotions tied to a
tragic accident that occurred when I was 14 years old.  My dear little
5 year old sister and I were run over by a speeding driver who lost
control of his car as we were being dropped off by the school bus. 

I lived. She died.  My whole world turned upside down and stayed that
way until age 43 when I "accidentally" stumbled upon New Decision
Using the NDTTM assessment procedure, the practitioner, without any
prior knowledge of my history, was able to pinpoint age 14 as the
moment-in-time that my vital life energy had shifted to a weakened
state.  She informed me that this depletion of energy was tied to
an 'unconscious will to die.'
Before my NDTTM sessions I would have argued against the idea that
an 'unconscious will to die' was affecting me. But, to my surprise,
a few weeks after my initial sessions I actually remembered the
exact moment-in-time when I decided that I would be better off dead,
than alive.
With the help of several NDTTM sessions, I was able to forgive the driver
of the speeding car, myself for wanting to die, and a whole cast of
others who had significantly impacted my life in the aftermath of 
the accident and later on.  

The result: within just a few weeks I was set free of the suffering
that had kept me emotionally imprisoned for 3 decades!

AND, a whole littany of debilitating physical illnesses, allergies, and 
chronic painful muscular tensions in my upper and lower back also
'magically' disappeared! 

My story is just one example amongst the thousands of other people 
who have chosen New Decision TherapyTM as their doorway to personal

The secret to these remarkably swift changes hinges around a unique  
procedure developed by Dr. Kandis Blakely, called 'clearing the three 
layers of denial’. This procedure opens up energy pathways so that 
important information that has been stored in the unconscious can be
accessed, examined and brought to a state of full healing and resolution.

Focused eye-mirror attention is used along with the NDTTM forgiveness
sequence to effectively plant a 'new decision' in the cellular memory.  
The changes are instant and permanent!
When I first heard the word ‘permanent’ I admit that I was skeptical.
However, with year after year passing by with no return to my former 
broken & unhappy state, I am confident to say that the changes for me
have indeed been permanent.

There are thousands of others like me who have experienced the same
happy results.

New Decision TherapyTM is ordinarily done in a private one-to-one setting. 
You can also experience some of the key aspects of NDTTM in a modified
format by attending an Introductory NDTTM Forgiveness Workshop. This
monthly workshop has been designed to help you discover significant
insights to your healing in a small,supportive, non-threatening group

To attend an Introduction & Demonstration of New Decision Therapy,
in person or online, call me to be informed of the next scheduled 
date, 416-469-2033 (landline with voicemail), or email me at

Or if you would prefer to discuss privately what it is you would like help
with, let's talk so we can decide whether working together would be a
good fit for you. 

I look forward to hearing from you, as soon as you are ready.

May you be well and happy!

Warmest blessings,
Lynn 😊