* Release the Old and Make Way for the NEW *

   Isn't it time to stop 'working on yourself' and start LIVING!

What is New Decision TherapyTM

New Decision TherapyTM is a highly effective and learnable technique that 
helps you safely 
access deeply buried issues which have remained hidden  
in the unconscious.

New Decision TherapyTM identifies and clears core issues related to:

• relationship struggles
• illness
• addictions
• abuse
• fatigue
• eating disorders
• sleep disturbances
• childhood trauma
• compulsive behaviours
• sexual violation

NDTTM skillfully reveals the influencing incidents that have kept you locked into
repeating patterns of 
behaviour you already know have been getting in your way
but haven't known how to get past.

Then NDT takes you another important step further -  it helps you quickly and
efficiently resolve 
the painful emotions that were linked to the unresolved 
incidents of your past.

The result is a refreshing and relieving sense of lightness and ease.  Within just a
 sessions, customized to address your unique circumstances, your ability 
to step into a more expanded and authentic expression of who you wish to be 
begins to show itself.  

NDTTM Releases:
• stress
• anger
• guilt
• regret
• shame
• depression
• anxiety
• grief
• fear
• desperation
• worthlessness

   ...and more...


What to expect:                           

    relief of chronic tension

       disappearance of deep-seated anxieties

         strengthened immune system

           improved relationships & communication

             release of self-negating patterns

               increased energy & vitality

                 greater motivation, confidence, self-worth

                   an improved sense of well-being

                     heightened awareness & intuition

                       feeling lighter, calmer, happier

  You will experience a natural transition away from inner turmoil and
  dissatisfaction into 
a more grounded and intuitive connection to the
  wisdom that lives within you.


Relationships become easier to navigate simply because, with your own internal
house in order, it becomes so much easier to discern what's yours to take ownership
of and to immediately let go of anything that's not. You can clearly see it's not yours
to carry.

You become free to ENJOY your relationships rather than WORK on them.

You become free to LIVE, BREATHE, LAUGH, PLAY                 


Instead of feeling separate and alone you will soon be enjoying the thrill of authentically
connecting with others and growing into a fully expressed life of meaning and purpose.


The keys to NDT's speed and effectiveness are:

• the unique denial clearing process

• focused eye-mirror attention

• vibrationally attuned affirmations


How it works:

Step 1:  Activating specific meridian points opens energy pathways between the conscious and unconscious mind removing the coping default that clouds the truth of the matter



Step 2: Applying the muscle energy check helps decode memories stored in the body cells



 Step 3: Focusing in a mirror, with full attention in one eye at a time, brings forward memories that are driving how current physical and emotional challenges are playing out

Then through forgiveness,compassionate understanding, and

letting go of repressed anger, guilt, and regret

New Decision TherapyTM brings you to all-embracing love and acceptance:
a Healing of the Heart.

"After my NDT sessions I noticed that I felt differently, thought differently,
and made different choices.  As a result, my life has dramatically changed
for the better."

S.R. - opera singer

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