3 Phases of Recovery

 New Decision Therapy™

 Transforming Your Life from Ordinary to Extraordinary!  


Description of the 3 phases for full recovery and transformation

Phase 1: New Decision Therapy

♥ resolves painful issues of the past, deeply and completely


The traumatizing effects of difficult relationships and life experiences can be corrected through a
series of New Decision Therapy private sessions.

New Decision Therapy™ (NDT™) is a short-term process, usually requiring somewhere between
6-8 sessions to complete. Something positive and freeing occurs with each session. Once the
difficult issues are handled with the help of a trained practitioner, you have the option of learning
the NDT format and using it as a self-help tool.

The majority of clients serviced during the past 25 years have required 6-8 sessions to complete
Phase 1 of the healing process. Occasionally a client with a less complicated past, might need
fewer sessions - perhaps just 4-5. With more difficult cases, the required number of sessions may
stretch to 8-10. 


Phase 2: Kantillation

♥ eliminates fears & worries of the future so you can live your 'heart song'


Once the New Decision Therapy sessions have been completed, the positive effects of your
sessions can be optimized and solidified with some Kantillation sessions.

Kantillation is a more organic and open-ended process than NDT, with a wide range of

The number of sessions you will need will be determined by exactly what you personally wish to
create for yourself once you have been freed of the hurts & burdens of your past, as a result of
completing Phase 1.

A minimum of 3-4 closely scheduled Kantillation sessions are recommended to get you started,
followed by periodic 'tune-ups' every few weeks or months to stay on course with fulfilling your
desired transformation.

Kantillation sessions will help you dismantle undesirable habits & negative beliefs so that you
can successfully create a life that aligns with your deepest inner desires.

Kantillation literally means 'living a life that makes your heart sing'!
Imagine bouncing out of bed each day living an inspired, joyful, productive life.      

With the help of the Kantillation process, you will more easily and readily begin implementing
your best intentions - the ones you often think about but either put off or fail to complete.

Examples would be setting the tone for landing your dream job, finding an ideal love partner,
quitting smoking, overcoming an eating disorder, getting past dependency on drugs, alcohol
or other addictions, clearing your clutter, mastering a new skill, ending phobias or obsessions. 
You name it – it can probably be accomplished with the help of some Kantillation sessions.


Phase 3: Remothering

♥ attunes you to unconditional love, connection, bonding, belonging


Remothering is a one or two session process that is meant to be experienced once you have
completed Phase 1 NDT and several sessions of Phase 2 Kantillation. Remothering helps you
understand, not from your head, but from a deep place of inner knowing, that you are taken
care of, no matter what.

This knowing allows you to relax into the flow of life, making decisions with faith & confidence
in your future, feeling entirely worthy of being loved and accepted.

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