Laughter Yoga

Laughter really is the best medicine! 

It's a fabulous remedy to minimize stress, anxiety, overwhelm, sadness, depression, and
it works wonderfully to buffer relationship tensions.

The only thing is, when we get deeply immersed in navigating through difficult and messy
life circumstances, we can easily forget to laugh or we just don't feel like it anymore.

Like any other muscles that aren't being exercised, your laughter muscles get weaker due
to lack of regular use and, over time, laughing becomes harder and harder to engage in.

That's where joining a Laughter Yoga class, workshop or training comes in. 

You'll be invited to participate in playful, interactive exercises, purposely laughing for longer 
and longer periods of time in order to give your laughter muscles a workout. Not only will
you increase the strength and resilience of your laughter muscles, you will also notice yourself 
gaining more strength and resilience mentally and emotionally as well.

With regular practice, you'll soon be enjoying a level of free and spontaneous laughing, that
harkens back to the purity of laughter that you knew when you were ever so small, before 
you were even talking or walking!

Developed by a medical doctor, Laughter Yoga first began in a park in Mumbai, India with
just 5 people, and has now spread to 110 countries!

Hundreds of thousands of people have embraced, and benefited from the powerful, yet 
refreshingly accessible healing benefits of laughing unconditionally following the guiding 
principles of Laughter Yoga.


Laughter Yoga has come into it's own. 
It really is 'a thing'!

And if you're not taking this way of laughing
seriously yet . . .  hahahaha . . . 
you're missing out on a whole lot of fun and 
a whole lot of payoffs!

So come on board. 

As Charlie Chaplin said:
"A day without laughter is a day wasted."

There are so many rewards you'll get to enjoy when you decide to stretch your experience of laughing beyond the ordinary.

Come join us for classes, a workshop, or a training.

To inquire about setting up a class, workshop, or training for your group or organization call 1-416-469-2033 or email



At the end of a Laughter Yoga session participants report feeling:

  • alertawake, and energized
  • contentedconnected, and peaceful
  • deeply relaxed and free of anxiety
  •  presenthappy & on a natural high

Countless people worldwide have already embraced Laughter Yoga,
a simple, yet revolutionary way of increasing joy and happiness, 
AND improving your physical and mental health, just by making a
point of laughing everyday without depending on jokes or humour.

We call it Unconditional Laughter. 

Even 100 years ago, the philosopher William James emphasized that 
engaging in laughing BEFORE we feel happy is the secret to actually
Beginning to feel happy!

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